Gentlemen Rules

Gentlemen Rules

13 Gentlemen Rules

1. Always be on time.

Regardless of whether you are meeting with your girlfriend, your wife, a friend or your boss, always make sure that you are at least 10 minutes earlier.

2. Always keep the door open for others.

The only door that a lady should ever open herself is the bathroom door.

3. Watch your language.

Inappropriate language and cursing is never stylish. Regardless of whether we speak through social media or personally, a true gentleman always keeps his composure.

4. Be confident of yourself, but accept help when it’s needed.

If you are the smartest person in the room, you are not in the right room. There is no shame in asking for advice.

5. Always greet others appropriately.

If you greet another man, speak your name loud and clear and give a firm handshake. With a lady you keep your introduction the same but the grip of the handshake becomes softer. Always stand up straight to greet someone if you happen to be seated.

6. Treat everyone with the same kindness and respect.

A true gentleman is courteous to everyone without regard for age, gender, religion, origin or appearance.

7. You can never give too many compliments to a lady.

Make sure that your compliments are always beautifully formulated and sincere.

8. Leave the room in the same condition it was when you entered.

Put the toilet seat back down, slide your chair back under the table.

9. Take your table manners with you when you go out to eat.

Stand up when a lady excuses herself from the table, chew with your mouth closed, never speak with a full mouth and don’t start to eat until everyone at the table is served.

10. Never share a bill.

If you go out for dinner with friends, take turns paying the bill. If it concerns a business dinner you always pay for the invitee. You never let a lady pay unless she is truly insisting on it. When it comes down to it, every gentleman will know the difference between a friendly gesture and a sincere request.

11. Always keep your word and keep a secret if it is confided to you.

Never make promises that you cannot fulfill and make yourself known for your integrity.

12. Say thank you.

A simple thank you doesn’t cost any money, but it can perform miracles.

13. Know your limits.

There is nothing stylish about leaving a restaurant drunk. A true gentleman knows his own limits in every field.

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