The founding

Viam aut inveniam aut faciam
When Tommaso Bordoni, at ten years old, first saw a tailor-made suit in Italy he was immediately sold. He would become a gangster or a businessman, because they always wore a suit. The obsession for tailor-made suits arose and never ended. It became a true Passion, a Passion for perfectionism, quality and beauty.
At the age of 26, Tommaso traveled around the world to visit factories and silk farms. The research into the perfect suppliers and partners took 1 whole year.


Very satisfied! Makes beautiful suits and eye for every detail and this at home .. Man with passion for his profession!

Olivier Seminck

I’ve already ordered 4 bespoke suits and I’m super satisfied.
Measured and delivered at home.
perfect fit!

Jori Martens

The suit is really good and I’ve received a lot of compliments over the past occasions!

Max Moutschen

If you want to look like a boss, don’t look any further and and have your suits made here!
I have 3 already !!

Joshua Feytons

Together with 5 of my friends we had some suits made at Bordoni.
Each of us is very satisfied and we also had a great laugh during the measuring!

Ricardo Weijman

Nice experience, complete measurement and accompanying explanation about what is possible when composing a suit.
I’ve put some personal elements in the suit as we were discussing the details, the result was great!
I’ll definitely go back for my next suit!

Jurgen Celis

I’ve had a beautiful 2-piece suit made just the way I like it.
Tommaso even came to Knokke to deliver the adjusted trousers. Talk about service !!!

Yf Geyens

Great experience!
I ordered three suits for myself and some for the staff.
everything fitted perfectly from the first fitting.
Tommaso shines thanks to a personalized approach, attention to detail and good service!

Quentin Suys

Had a great experience with Tommaso. From first fitting up untill final delivery every detail was spotless! He took great care to find out what I really wanted, even if that wasn’t very clear to me yet. I had a few bad experiences with other suits regarding the tailoring of the pants, i have very long and skinny legs, so i was sure I would have to have it re-tailored at least one time. I was totally wrong, it was spot on from the start, still impressed by that! No seriously, great price, great quality suit, great user experience! I know where I’m buying my next one!

Yassine Abid

An amazing perfectionist!
a given word is a given word at Bordoni.
He really is worth it !!

Evert Lissens

You don’t buy a tailor-made suit every day, for many this could be a very difficult process.
Bordoni advises and designs your suit together with you.
Everything, literally everything is possible.
Allow yourself to be surprised by the always friendly and professional Tommaso Bordoni.

Carl Reynaert

A few months ago I ordered two tailored suits at Bordoni .
The service was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.
I had my measurements teken at my home and I was also very well advised!
3 weeks after the tailor came back to my home for a first fitting but that wasn’t even necessary …
everything fitted perfectly from the first time!

Anthony Vens

The story

The Devil is in the Details
Do not say “just a 'tailor-made' suit” about a Bordoni suit. Tommaso makes it a point of honor to take care of the measurements himself. A 'normal' tailor takes about 12-22 sizes. No less than 44 measures are recorded for a Bordoni suit.

Perfection down to the last detail ... Extra stitching, 'secret' pockets, your own name embroidered on the inside, perfect finishing and the highest quality materials. You should not expect any less.

BORDONI is a clothing brand which specializes in bespoke suits, shirts and shoes. Every piece we produce is custom made to the specific needs of the customer. You are the designer of your own life, why shouldn’t you be the designer of your own clothes?

To guarantee the highest quality we work by appointment only. You can either make an appointment in the comfort of your own living room or office, or we can meet you at our headquarters in Belgium.

The ideology

The modern gentleman wears Bordoni
Tommaso wants to bring back the modern gentleman. Manners, respect and etiquette. They are not empty concepts, but a real lifestyle.

Looking for your own custom made suit?
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